NuCycle Energy is an enterprise dedicated to maximizing the utilization of end-of-life industrial materials to produce an innovative low-carbon-emission fuel source for energy-intensive industries. Industrial nucycling is the environmentally responsible future and NuCycle Energy is leading the way.

Nu/cycle (nu'si'kel) v. cled, cling

1. The act of giving industrial materials, previously considered "end-of-life", a new purpose of functionality

Our History

Since its inception in 2004, NuCycle Energy has focused on the development and implementation of processes and equipment that extends the lifecycle of pre-consumer, non-hazardous materials currently being generated by commercial business operations.

To that end, NuCycle Energy has perfected and patented proprietary technology to turn those same materials into a cleaner, cost-effective alternative fuel engineered to reduce the amount of traditional fossil fuels used in energy intensive industrial processes such as power plant operations and cement manufacturing, among others.

In 2011, the United States Environmental Protection Agency "USEPA" designated NuCycle Energy's product, Enviro-Fuelcubes® ("EFCs") a "Legitimate" fuel approved for use in Energy Intensive Industrial Processes as an alternative commodity fuel. Nineteen state regulatory offices have also recognized the benefits of NuCycle"s alternative fuel and manufacturing operations providing us a "non-waste" designation, further differentiating us from the more common and less efficient "waste to energy" fuels.

To Date
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